CD|ダニエルホー|E Kahe Mālie


商品番号 CD-59

発行ポイント 24

消費税区分 10%


Daniel's Notes

Creating a musical recording involves a myriad of subtle, almost indiscernible, decisions. Music, like many forms of creative expression, is subjective―there is no right or wrong. Lessons of experience and awareness provide a basis from which to make “sound” judgments.

I believe that in order to genuinely realize an artistic vision, it is important to see it through from beginning to end. We start with the choice of a note, then, determine its place in time and duration (composition and arrangement). What instrument should play the note (orchestration)? How should we execute it (performance)―bright or dark (tone), loud or soft (dynamics)? The techniques and equipment used to capture it (recording) further contribute to the quality of the presentation. The final sonic treatments (mixing and mastering) balance and enrich the sound. This ever-evolving process establishes how the music is perceived by listeners.

E Kahe Mālie represents my current path as a composer, arranger, performer, and audio engineer. As I strive to deepen my understanding of these intriguing musical concepts and document them in recordings, I thank you for your friendship and company along the way.

【Song List】
1.Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua (3:03) traditional
2.Kū I Ka Manawa Kūpono (Standing Righteous In Time) (1:50) Daniel Ho
3.Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One (3:02) Princess Miriam Likelike
4.Ke Aloha O Ka Haku (3:23) Queen Lili'uokalani
5.E Kahe Mālie (Flowing Gently) (3:04) Daniel Ho
6.Hi'ilawe (2:50) traditional
7.Sanoe (3:22) Queen Lili'uokalani
8.Take Me Away (3:49) Daniel Ho
9.No Ke Ano Ahiahi (3:19) traditional
10.Henehene Kou 'Aka (2:33) traditional
11.Crystal Sands (3:41) Daniel Ho